The process of selling a business can be very complex. It involves many aspects that most successful business owners and professionals are not exposed to in the day-to-day operation of a company. Business owners in general do not have the time or knowledge to recognize and understand the complexities of selling their own business.  For most entrepreneurs, your business is your single most valuable asset. However, realizing that value through a sale transaction is no simple task. Most businesses do not have the personnel capable of handling the sale of a business. To successfully navigate this challenging process, you need the help of an experienced professional who has done it all before – someone who is very familiar with the nuances of selling a business. This is what Business Brokers do.

During the process, the Seller’s job is to do what he does best, which is to run the business as if he were going to keep it. The Broker’s job is to confidentially market the business, find and screen the Buyers, educate them, negotiate the terms of the sale and provide a buffer for the emotional highs and lows that we all experience. The Buyer benefits because the Broker has already pre-qualified a business before he lists it. He has psychologically prepared the Seller for the sale. He has also done a lot of the legwork to assemble the financial information and background of the business. This helps to reduce some of the uncertainty for the Buyer and make this search more efficient.