Business is all about location. We know the local market and we can help. Murphy Business Atlantic understands the complexity of site selection and acquisition for a business and is experienced in preparing comprehensive analyses and comparisons of potential properties.We also understand the process of selling a business when its attached to real estate, and the complexities that can arise.

For Sellers:

If you are a business owner who also owns associated real estate, our experienced team can help you sell both your business and your property while maximizing the value you receive for both. When you work with Murphy Business Atlantic our team will:

  • Analyze your real estate’s market value, both with and without the business
  • Determine the best way to sell the business and property
  • Pre-approve the building for financing with lenders
  • Prepare and promote effective marketing materials
  • Identify ideal buyers
  • Market your property to existing and prospective buyers
  • Present your building to qualified buyers
  • Negotiate terms and close the deal.

For Buyers:

When buying a business, transferring a lease from the seller to the buyer can be challenging. We can help you work through the lease transfer process, and even negotiate a lease extension if required or desirable.

However, some businesses may be relocatable, or maybe you are buying a new franchise that does not have a location to start with. When this is the case, Murphy Business Atlantic can help you with the relocation process by identifying ideal commercial real estate sites in your target area. Our experienced team can help you through the site selection process. This always starts with a thorough understanding of our client’s needs. Depending on the client’s needs, a site analysis will likely cover:

  • Multiple Site Options
  • Detailed Demographics
  • Growth Analysis
  • Cost for Site Enhancements
  • Analysis for Zoning, Insurance, Traffic Issues
  • Financing Options Identifying the Buyers

Whether you are buying or selling a business, commercial real estate is a significant consideration for any business transaction. Murphy Business Atlantic can guide you through this important process to give you the best chance for success.